Silver Donald Cameron

Welcome to Silver Donald Cameron’s blog! Dr Cameron is the author of 19 books and of many plays, films, magazine articles, radio and TV scripts. He is currently the host and executive producer of and of its feature documentary, Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World. In 2019, he was appointed the first Farley Mowat Chair in Environment at Cape Breton University, where he earlier served as professor, dean and writer-in-residence. He currently teaches an on-campus/online course called Green Rights.

Lapses, Tweets, Site Improvements and New Interviews

I haven’t been posting nearly often enough on this blog. I have excuses, but who cares? But I want to post much more often in the future.

One reason for the lapse is that I’ve been promoting my new book, A Million Futures (, largely on radio stations right across Canada. (The book has absolutely nothing to do with environment; it’s about making higher education affordable.) Promoting it has been interesting, and it’s providing an array of radio contacts that will be very helpful in the future, when we intend to use radio heavily as part of a major promotional push for this site.

In the meantime, we’ve been making heavy use of Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with the people we want to engage with. I hope you’re among our Facebook “likes” and our Twitter followers – and if you’re not, please consider linking up with us on those social media sites. It takes a little time to do a blog post, but it’s easy to dash off a quick tweet – and we do that pretty frequently.

We’re also looking towards a major rearrangement of the site, getting rid of clutter and confusion, making life easier for ourselves, expunging various mailing lists, newsletters and blogs, and concentrating our efforts on serving the members of this site.

This blog, for instance, will become my only blog, and I’ll post every Sunday’s column here, even if it’s not partic ularly environmental in character. This site’s newsletter will become my only mailing list.

In the meantime, I didn’t post my October 10 column, on the “No Pressure” video fiasco, until today. The next column, on October 17, was about the critical state of Nova Scotia’s forests, which are reflected in the poor, shrunken state of forests everywhere. I’ll post that soon – and I’m looking forward to an upcoming Green Interview with Dr. Diana Beresford-Kroeger, author of The Global Forest.

And as I write, we’re posting my interview with “the Bird Detective,” Dr. Bridget Stutchbury of York University, one of the great authorities on migratory songbirds and their behaviour. You can find a good deal of information about Dr. Stutchbury on her Biography page here on this site, and there’s a short excerpt from her interview on the Interviews page.

Next: Chris Turner, the passionate young author of The Geography of Hope, a book for everyone who wants a tour of the people who are taking real action to move us towards a sustainable future.

More soon. I promise!