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Occupy Nanaimo: Why they’re there.

 Here’s a message from Rafe Mair, former BC cabinet minister and radio talk show host. Post it widely. And my congratulations to Occupy Halifax for making the decision to vacate the Grand Parade for Remembrance Day, and return later. You’re acting like the grass. The tree may be blown down, but the grass bends and pops back up. Bravo! 

RAFE HERE … as a supporter of the OCCUPY movement I’m constantly told that this is just the usual bunch of whiners and pot heads.

I give no answer myself but let Nanaimo do so.  

JOURNAL ENTRY FROM OCCUPY NANAIMO ~ Saturday, October 29th, 2011

We are Occupy Nanaimo.

Here in Diana Krall Plaza Nanaimo, we stand in solidarity with 2,217 cities across the globe asking for change.

A lot of people do not understand why we are here. Why we occupy. Why we protest. We are here to try and make the voice of the people heard. If you are in debt, you have reason to be here. If raising a family is becoming too difficult with the low number of jobs available and low wages, you have reason to be here. If you have ever called the streets your home because in the end of the day there was just nowhere else to go, you have reason to be here. If you have a grievance with the current world-wide system, you have reason to be here.

We are not just a group of protestors angry at the world. We are not a bunch of jobless hippies. We are many…both working and jobless, people with homes and people without.

Things are not OK. Just look at the injustices of this world. Too long have the people of this world been filled with greed. We watch now as Canada steps ahead of other countries, but not in a positive way. The wealth distribution gap between the rich and the poor grows more and more every year, and in Canada it grows faster than nearly any other nation on the planet.

We are here to be a part of the change in the world.

This is what our democratic system should be like.

So we ask you Citizens of Nanaimo, Citizens of Vancouver Island, Citizens in what should be a truly free country for your support. Come down to us, lend your voice to change. Set up a tent or just stand and talk. Hold a sign or simply be with us in spirit. We are here to provide an outlet for YOUR change, all of our change. If you have grievances with the world, come and talk to us. If you have grievances with us, come and talk to us. If you just want to know what this is all about, come talk to us. We will change the world, but we need everyone’s support first.