Silver Donald Cameron

Welcome to Silver Donald Cameron’s blog! Dr Cameron is the author of 19 books and of many plays, films, magazine articles, radio and TV scripts. He is currently the host and executive producer of and of its feature documentary, Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World. In 2019, he was appointed the first Farley Mowat Chair in Environment at Cape Breton University, where he earlier served as professor, dean and writer-in-residence. He currently teaches an on-campus/online course called Green Rights.

Sending Green Rights and Warrior Lawyers into the World

Help us choose a thumbnail. And: Warrior Lawyers is published! 

We need to choose a thumbnail for Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World. Here’s the photo I’ve been using:


That’s an actual shot from the film, but I don’t know how well it communicates for us. I’m standing on a log that’s floating on a pond of crude oil in Lago Agrio, Ecuador – a vivid illustration of Texaco’s reckless disregard for the people and the natural life of the region when they began “developing” their oil fields 50 years ago. But do people understand that when they see it?

Here’s the alternative I’ve been developing:

This is also a shot from the film, near the end, where we’re talking about living in harmony with one another and with the natural world. It’s a lovely shot of me talking with Mi’kmaq canoe-builder Todd Labrador, with one of his birch-bark canoes, sitting beside the Wildcat River in Nova Scotia. It’s not as dramatic a shot, but it’s very beautiful, like a painting – and maybe it conveys more clearly what the film is about.

Or maybe we should choose another shot altogether – a courtroom scene in the Netherlands, perhaps. What do you think? We’d love to know.


Meanwhile, we’ve been focussed on tour planning. I’m in Wolfville at Acadia University for a lecture and screening of Green Rights on Monday, Sept 19, while Marjorie does a book signing at A Box of Delights bookstore. Then I give a speech (on Warrior Lawyers) to Adopt-a-Highway NS in Truro on the 21st, and we’ll have a Green Rights screening at Mount St. Vincent in Halifax on Sunday afternoon, Sept 25 at 2:00. On to Antigonish for events at St. Francis Xavier University on the 28th, including a big screening – and by the 30th we’re on the road to Ottawa for the national premiere on October 4. We’ve put a calendar up at, and I’ll be posting more details there soon. 

Finally, Warrior Lawyers has been published on Amazon, with a Kindle version soon to come. I now have an Amazon author page, too: The book is also available from my own site, – in paper, and also as a downloadable PDF. 

The bad news is that in my last email I included a broken link to the site, where the book was on sale at the pre-publication price of $19.99. That price has now gone up to the post-publication price of $24.99 because Amazon won’t tolerate a lower price on any other site. But if you wanted to buy it at the pre-publication price and weren’t able because of the broken link, send me an email at I’ll honour that promise and sell you the book at the lower price.