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Splendid reviews for The Education of Everett Richardson

Thank you, reviewers!

In the weeks since its publication, The Education of Everett Richardson has collected a humbling collection of splendid reviews. Most of these are on Amazon Canada (seven ratings, all 5-star) and Amazon US (six ratings, all 5-star). The two Amazon sites don’t entirely echo one another, which is a nuisance. On GoodreadsThe cover of The Education of Everett Richardson  the book has six reviews and ratings, average 4.4 stars. The Goodreads listing also shows the old red cover from 1977.

But not all the action is on those three sites. I’ve had several fine radio interviews, and The Education of Everett Richardson has been covered on a number of other sites. There’s a list of these other reviews at the end of this post.

But one review that really knocked me out appeared on Doug Gibson’s site,   The reviewer is my now-retired publisher, Doug Gibson. Doug has now become an author himself, while I have become an occasional publisher.  He tells me that writing is hard work and I tell him that publishing is hard work. We have a new level of mutual respect. And yes, he’s a longtime colleague and friend, but I’ve never known him to pull his punches about a book. Indeed, there have been times I wished he would just soften his blows a little.

With Doug’s permission, I reprint his review here.

Review by publisher Doug Gibson

Publisher Douglas Gibson

Douglas Gibson

I was thrilled to read the up-dated version of this classic Canadian book, not least because it seems that a young kid in publishing named Doug Gibson helped the author in some way. I’ll take any credit that’s going, because what Silver Donald Cameron went on to produce was something really new — a serious look from the water level at a little, local strike that grew to shut down work all across Nova Scotia.

It’s clear that what drew him to research and write this book was a deep anger at the sight of the old Nova Scotia power system at work, encouraging a provincial judge, incredibly, to sentence hard-working fishermen in Canada to go to jail, because they chose to show that they were not slaves by tying up their boats and going on strike.

Yet although he writes with deep sympathy for  the working men and women involved (people we get to know well) he’s determined to be fair to the other side, which means we follow the infuriating ups and downs of the negotiations.

The result is a superb piece of reporting that makes THE EDUCATION OF EVERETT RICHARDSON one of the great books of our times — well worth a new generation of readers.

— Publisher Doug Gibson, former President of McClelland and Stewart, The Canadian Publishers

Other reviews and interviews

Here’s the excellent interview with Wendy Bergfeldt of CBC Cape Breton

A fine interview with Paul MacDougall on Coast Radio in Glace Bay, beginning 28 minutes into the show.

An analytical interview with Skip Hambling of the Canadian Labour Institute

A feature story by Nancy King in the Cape Breton Post.

A feature story by Grant McDaniel in the Port Hawkesbury Reporter, which serves the area where the strike took place.

A thoughtful review by Phil Moscovitch in the online publication, the Halifax Examiner

And if all this makes you want to buy the book — on paper, or in electronic form — just go to the Everett Richardson sales page on my site. Or, of course, to Amazon, Indigo or your favourite local bookseller.