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The Human Wealth of the Amazon

On March 23, I was on a panel at the UBC Museum of Anthropology with the five remarkable people in the photo. We were discussing a stimulating and moving exhibition called The Rights of Nature, focussed on artifacts from the Amazon basin — and on the recognition by some regional governments of the legal rights of Pachamama, the complex and sophisticated Andean conception of Mother Nature.

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Splendid reviews for The Education of Everett Richardson

Thank you, reviewers! In the weeks since its publication, The Education of Everett Richardson has collected a humbling collection of splendid reviews. Most of these are on Amazon Canada (seven ratings, all 5-star) and Amazon US (six ratings, all 5-star). The two Amazon sites don’t entirely echo one another, which is a nuisance.

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The Death of Privacy – Sunday column, December 26, 2010

It was 1970, and Michel Blanchard was gleefully describing new opportunities in the oncoming Age of Information. Information, he cried, would be accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time! The isolation of the Acadian villages would end! Acadians would be able to link up by means of small transmitters, broadcasting de l’église a l’église a l’église – from steeple to steeple to steeple, all across the region!

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