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The Human Wealth of the Amazon

On March 23, I was on a panel at the UBC Museum of Anthropology with the five remarkable people in the photo. We were discussing a stimulating and moving exhibition called The Rights of Nature, focussed on artifacts from the Amazon basin — and on the recognition by some regional governments of the legal rights of Pachamama, the complex and sophisticated Andean conception of Mother Nature.

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The Education of Everett Richardson: Back in print after 40 years!

ONE OF ATLANTIC CANADA’S 100 GREATEST BOOKS! THE EDUCATION OF EVERETT RICHARDSON The Story of the Nova Scotia Fishermen’s Strike 1970-71 [Buy it here:] “If I was twenty years younger,” shouted the woman, “I’d smash right through that picket line: I would!” “If you was twenty years younger,” snapped a union wife, “you’d fuck your way through it like you did with the crew of that fourteen-dory Yankee longliner that was in here them days.” As Father Ron Parsons listened with amusement, a woman behind him in the picket line turned to her companion.

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