Mohamed Hage

The World’s First Organic Rooftop Farm

Date:August 2013

Mohamed Hage, visionary leader of Lufa Farms in Montreal, creators of the world’s first commercial rooftop farm, who plans to expand the concept to revolutionize food production all over the world.

Mohamed Hage, a self-described “technology geek” turned farmer extraordinaire, is reinventing food production. He’s the president and founder of Lufa Farms, the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse farm—an organic one at that—in an industrial district in the northeast of Montreal. Lufa has a second rooftop farm in the city’s western suburbs and a third one is planned for Boston.

Hage’s inspiration came from his childhood village in Lebanon, where he says everyone farmed without the use of pesticides, and from his grandmother, who put nine of her kids through university by farming organically.

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