Annie Hill

Living Lightly on the Sea

Date:July 2011

Annie Hill and Trevor Robertson, world-famous cruising sailors, who have lived sustainably on the ocean all their lives, sailing over 300,000 offshore miles. Annie is the author of Voyaging on a Small Income.

Annie Hill first crossed an ocean under sail when she was 20. With her new young husband, Pete Hill, she set off from England in an absurdly small twin-hulled catamaran, bound for the West Indies. The voyage made them realize that they loved the sailing and the lifestyle, but not the boat. Before long they were building their own vessel, which became their permanent home. Her name was Badger, and she was a 34-foot sailing dory with a Chinese junk schooner rig. (If you’re not a sailor, Badger was a flat-bottomed boat built of plywood, based on a fishing boat design, with two masts, each carrying a single fan-shaped sail.)

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