Rob Hopkins

Transition Towns: Finding the Future, Together

Date:November 2012

Rob Hopkins, the visionary behind the “Transition movement,” which since 2008 has helped citizens re-create 900-plus “Transition Towns” worldwide. It’s been called the “biggest urban brainwave of the century.”

Rob Hopkins is the founder of the Transition movement, an experiment that began in 2008, and since then has gone viral with more than 400 Transition Towns worldwide, from Italian villages and Brazilian favelas to universities and London neighbourhoods. In contrast to the ever-worsening stream of information about climate change, the economy and resource depletion, the Transition movement focuses on solutions, on community-scale responses, on meeting new people and having fun. It’s been called “the biggest urban brainwave of the century,” a visionary, practical blueprint that took root in a town and is circling the globe.

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