Hugo Spowers

Inventing a Truly Sustainable Auto Industry


Hugo Spowers of Riversimple car company in Ludlow, England, which aims to revolutionize the auto industry by building a hydrogen-fuelled car out of space-age materials, using an “open source” business model.

Hugo Spowers—engineer, entrepreneur and former racing car driver—uses his love of auto design to tackle one of the most intractable environmental questions: how to neutralize our passionate addiction to the automobile. So he has reimagined not just the automobile, but the entire auto industry. The result? A car that looks and runs like no other vehicle on the road, made by a company that runs like no other in the business world.

Through his pioneering company, Riversimple – based in Ludlow, Shropshire, England – Spowers and his colleagues have taken on the modest task of eliminating environmental damage caused by personal transport.

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