Chris Turner

The Geography of Hope

Date:April 2009

Chris Turner, author of The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need, a survey of innovations and initiatives around the world that are moving us towards a sustainable future.

Chris Turner is a journalist, best-selling author, and a sought after public speaker. His determination to find tangible solutions to climate change has injected new hope into the environmental movement.

Chris was born in 1973 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, into a military family. He has lived in the Canadian North, the American Midwest, Germany, and India. Chris studied history at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, and journalism at Ryerson, but his obsession with culture and technology led him to Shift Magazine, one of the more influential Canadian magazines of the 1990s. He started there as an intern but stayed on after his 1998 graduation from Ryerson until 2003.

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