Alexandra Morton

Why Salmon are Sacred

Date:October 2011

Dr. Alexandra Morton, the BC citizen scientist who has single-handedly forced onto the public agenda the issue of the devastation imposed on wild salmon runs by contamination by salmon farms.

Alexandra Morton may live far from the public eye, tucked away in Echo Bay, the tiny community of docks and float homes on Gilford Island, BC, but her passion and life work has often brought her into the spotlight.

For more than 3 decades, Morton has followed her calling to “understand the intelligence in a non-human mind, to know what another species is thinking,” and today she is an outspoken advocate for conserving and protecting marine species on Canada’s west coast. In the early years, she devoted her time to analyzing and recording the communication between killer whales (Orcas) and discovered that each family of BC whales uses a unique dialect.

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